Why not visit Milano when you're in the neigborhood? You could buy the same flashy green trousers I bought there!
If you go, we recommend driving to Como (San Giovanni station) and taking the train from there to Milano (Porta Garibaldi)
It is cheap to park your car for the day at the station. The trains in Italy are also remarkably cheap. However, there is an expensive catch: After you buy the ticket(s) you should make sure to VALIDATE them by getting them stamped in one of the hidden, unobtrusive yellow stamping machines on the platform. We have heard twice now from friends staying in our house that they proudly presented the tickets they had managed to buy (in their best Italian) and had to pay €50 fine (per ticket!) for the crime of not validating. They tried ignorance, played tourist, used all the Italian swear words they knew, but finally had to give in and pay up. It's so easy to break Italian law if your name is not Berlusconi.