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A weekend in Lezzeno

Posted by Cees Van on Saturday, March 20, 2010, In : remodeling 
Last week my wife and I spent a long weekend in Lezzeno to do some work on the house and garden. Jaap came along for 3 days. Apparently the week before there was still snow, but during our stay the weather was fantastic. We had lunch in the garden everyday.
We sawed the remaining wood in the garden and now have enough wood to burn the barbie for the next years. Barbecue to come soon after the gardiniere will have leveled the garden and put grass on which will happen in the coming weeks. With t...
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A morbid bite

Posted by Cees Van on Thursday, March 4, 2010,
Some time ago, when staying in Casa3dici the shops were closed so we did not manage to get panini. However, we still had some pre-packaged sweet dough-ie things. The wrapper shouted these were PiĆ¹ Morbido!
Just to make sure, we checked the dictionary to find this did not mean More Deadly but merely that they were now Even Softer. Oh, well, better safe than sorry; we learn every day.

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